Powerful robot software that enables easy automation of processes

"Changing or reconfiguring a robotics installation was often expensive and time consuming"

Industrial processes have successfully been automated in the last 20 years (think of the car industry). However, the success is limited to companies that benefit from many-of-a-kind production. 

The reason is simple: Changing or reconfiguring a robotics installation was often expensive and time consuming. Either you needed on-site expertise in robotics, CAD/CAM and automation, or you needed subcontractors with that expertise. Both limited the feasibility of succesfully automating few-of-a-kind series until now.

With our robot software, it is now possible to automate processes, such as milling, grinding and deburring, on few-of-a-kind series.

85 %

of SME’s in the manufacturing industry in Europe do not use robots

95 %

of the manufacturing companies in Europe are SME's


of a complicated process can be automated 

How it works

CP Robotics combines both online and offline programming methods in order to create a teach-in of tasks that is quicker than if you would do them manually. By exploiting state of the art line scanners in combination with robot kinematics, we allow shop floor personnel to do fast and coarse programming of the task by simply sweeping the robot over the workspace. Our software then analyses the sensor data and generates precise robot paths.

  • Very fast online programming
  • Tight tolerances
  • High quality
  • High uniformity in output
  • Removes the need for expensive subcontractors or experts



Most milling processes require post-processing in the form of deburring. This can often be programmed directly into the CAD/CAM systems however, due to the high cost of a milling machine, it is more cost-effective to perform manual deburring or simply let a cheap and flexible robot do it.


Traditional machines for grinding are able to grind many-of-a-kind products. Few-of-a-kind production on the other hand requires the flexibility of manual labor or the flexibility of an easy-to-use robot with our software. 


Manufacturing companies, especially SME’s, have an increasing number of small batch sizes. Cost effective automation of polishing in these few-of-a-kind productions require fast re-programming and no dependency on external experts.

Our team
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Jens Kristian Damsgaard
CEO & Director of Scienceventures
+45 31 78 77 80
CEO & Director of Scienceventures

Jens Kristian Damsgaard has been involved in business development and the supply of capital for several companies with roots in the University of Southern Denmark, Odense University Hospital, Denmark’s Technological University, Risø National Laboratory. He has negotiated several licence agreements between research institutions and companies - both at home and abroad.

Board of Directors
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Lenna Maria Boe Broberg
Chairman, Investment Manager, SDI
Chairman, Investment Manager, SDI

Lenna has worked at SDI as Investment Manager since 2016. She has previously worked with business development and internal lean optimizations at Fazer Food Services. Additionally, Lenna has worked with IT and cloud solutions at Microsoft and project management at MedCom where she managed European welfare technology projects.

Finn Tang Thomsen
Board Member
Board Member

Finn Tang Thomsen has been involved in software development for automation solutions including CAD/CAM systems, CNC machines and robots in the last 45 years. His software solutions have been used by many companies in Denmark and abroad, such as Danfoss, Bang & Olufsen, Grundfos, Man Diesel, HV Turbo , Brdr. Hartmann. FLSmidth. During his 36 years at Danish Technological Institute, Finn Tang Thomsen has had many positions, both in Copenhagen and in Odense. The latest is as one of the founders of the Department for Robot Technology in Odense, where he was executive manager from 2006 to 2014.


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CP Robotics will have a stand on Automationsdag'17 at Egatech on June 16. Come, have a chat and watch a light demonstration of our technology.

Another new employee!

We are glad to welcome Patrick Mohr Bender to the CP Robotics Team! Patrick will take over from Michael Lundholm on the further development of the cloud system as well as other projects.

New employee

Teit Silberling has been hired as Chief Commercial Officer and will be in charge of sales as well as developing strong partnerships with integrators worldwide.


Sabina Kethelz has been appointed as new CEO of CP Robotics Read more »

Name change

The name of the company is officially changed from CorePath Robotics to CP Robotics