At CP Robotics we believe in making robot solutions available for everyone. We have developed a software technology that makes the handling of robots easy and flexible for shopfloor personnel. Many small production series are thereby made cost-effective to automate. Especially small and medium sized enterprises that use e.g. polishing, grinding or milling in their production will benefit greatly from our technology.

Our technology is industry 4.0 ready. That means we deliver intelligent solutions where each part: robot, sensor and computer are connected in a cloud-based system that can both share and calculate tasks.

In the time to come we hope that many repetitive, straining and hazardous tasks in small and medium sized enterprises will be handled by robots in collaboration with the shop floor personnel. This will not only increase productivity but also raise the overall well-being of the workers and boost morale.

New employee

Teit Silberling is hired as Chief Commercial Officer. His focus is on sales and developing strong ties with integrators worldwide.

March 2017


Sabina Kethelz is appointed as new CEO of CP Robotics after former CEO Jimmy Alison Jørgensen decided to take on new challenges. Sabina Kethelz is thereby the first woman in Denmark to be in charge of a robot company!

January 2017

Name change

The company name is officially changed from CorePath Robotics to CP Robotics

December 2016

New employees

Two new employees are hired: Sabina Kethelz (sales and business development) and Michael Lundholm (coding).

May 2016

AutomationsBoost grant

The innovation programme ‘AutomationsBoost’ grants CP Robotics 900.000 DKK. The investment is earmarked for further development of CP Robotics’ technology.

April 2016

Robotics Startup Hub

CP Robotics is accepted into Odense Robotics StartUp Hub and gains access to free facilities, free counselling, events, network etc.

February 2016

First 2 employees

First two employees are hired: Jeshith Damsbo Anandasubramaniam (engineering) and Morten Agerbæk Riber (communications).

December 2015

Wide media coverage

CP Robotics enjoys wide media coverage after a press release about the company is issued.

October 2015

RoboBusiness pitch

Jimmy Alison Jørgensen attends RoboBusiness in California where he pitches CP Robotics to an international audience of robot experts.

September 2015

CP Robotics is founded

CP Robotics is founded as a spinout from the University of Southern Denmark with Science Ventures Denmark A/S and Syddansk Innovation A/S as investors. Jimmy Alison Jørgensen is appointed as CEO.

August 2015