Our PathFinder solution can handle a wide variety of tasks and works with a wide variety of robots. Whether the task is grinding, milling, polishing etc. the technology follows the same simple steps:

  1. Scan: A 3D-scanner that is mounted on the robot completes a scan of the object.
  2. Edit: A digital layout of the object will show up on in the interface. Choose a surface on the object and the pattern the robot shall use, e.g. a linear or twirling pattern.
  3. Perform: After user has chosen the surface and pattern, the process can be initiated.

The simplicity of PathFinder makes it possible for everyone to handle industrial robots and thus the robots become “just” another tool for the shop floor personnel. This allows you to build on top of your workers’ expert process knowledge and let the robots do the heavy lifting.

PathFinder allows cost-effective automation of few-of-a–kind tasks. Many of these processes can be extremely unhealthy and expose workers to dust, explosion risks, strong vibrations, noise, extreme light and heat. Instead let your workers guide robots in extreme environments and keep them healthy and happy.

Plasma cutting