Our PathFinder solution is not limited to a specific type of robot and can therefore be implemented on a wide variety of robot-installations. So far our technology has shown successful results on Universal Robots and KUKA Robots. 

Hotec Pólerteknik

Hotec Polérteknik is a Danish company that focuses on industrial polishing of stainless steel, wolfram or aluminium components used for molds. The company is specialised in injection molding, injection blow molding and die casting. The company has 10 men total and use state-of-the-art polishing equipment that is accurate down to 1 μ (one millionth part of a meter)

Our technology was tested at Hotec Polérteknik with a UR3 robot from Universal Robots and proved capable of handling a variety of different “rough” polishing tasks that prepared the units to be finely polished by experts. This saves over 70 % of the worker’s time since they do not have to spend time on the rough polishing but instead can focus on the 30% that focus on finishing the units.

Robot At Work

Robot At Work is a new Danish robot company that has a vision to introduce more robots to the construction and building industry. The company’s main focus is on a special kind of insulation plastering, which can be sprayed on walls or facades by the help of a robot.

Robot At Work chose CP Robotics’ software to handle the path planning and was especially intrigued by the simple scan – edit – perform process, which makes it easy for construction workers to handle robots at the construction site.